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It is an excellent spot to get if you’re interested in Southern Korea’s tradition and desire to feel the culture from Southern Korea. Additionally it is close to major metropolitan areas like Seoul, Busan, and Daegu (see here for a listing of the main urban centers in your community.) You will discover that the neighborhood food is delicious, as well as the coffee and beverages are extremely cheap! Listed here is a general ‘wish-list’ of places to see if you see Gangnam.

The Korean Folk Museum. A good thing to do before heading into Seoul is always to visit this museum in Yongsan-gu. The museum has a conventional Korean style village (that you enter through a gatehouse where ladies typically stood before going into the temple). Here it is possible to understand Korean conventional culture and gown, along side traditional tools and musical instruments, and also the food that is served during an average Korean tea ceremony. In the event that you ask me, that is among the coolest museums i am to in Korea!

Address: Yongsan-dong, Yongsandong-gu, Yongsan-gu, Seoul 1, Republic of Korea. Hours: Monday to Saturday 10am to 5pm. How to get here? Yongsan is a 10-20 minute ride on the underground ‘Yongsan Line.’ web site: https://zoomlocalnews.com Dapchun Arts elaborate. This might be a small substance near Hongdae, and you’ll discover lots of interesting restaurants (including two in this article!). There are several small museums, mostly centered on the history and arts of Dapchun as well as its surrounding areas, as well as Daehangno, Hongdae, and Bukchon.

It houses a tremendously cool outdoor pool that runs through the heart associated with the Art area (see below), and several cool modern Korean neo-dolsil houses. Individuals really love this place because the ramen in this museum is actually unique. Who owns Seosan Ramen Museum: The Haneun Ramen. The restaurant that opened in July of 2023 was called The Haneun Ramen. Who owns the restaurant, Oh Seong-woo (Oh Jae-sung), desired to open a ramen restaurant in Seosan, the location with the greatest concentration of ramen in Seoul.

He desired a restaurant that might be an extension of ramen. Additionally, if you would like get a glimpse of Korean tradition, you should head to Hongdae. You will discover a lot of interesting restaurants and galleries of this type. If you love art, you need to go directly to the nationwide Museum of Contemporary Art in Hongdae. This means even although you are paying for the ramen, you might be nevertheless sharing the room with other restaurants.

The owners of the ramen places have to give you free products to clients. By doing this, you can find numerous organizations which can be all offering their exact same item.


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